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Color Trends 2020 New Year. New Ideas.

Today you can google "Color Trends 2020" or "Color of the Year 2020" and find 20 sites with 20 different recommendations. Maybe that's what they mean by 2020!

With today's social media and TV channels like HGTV, we are inundated with ideas. It can be inspiring but it can also be stressful and lead to indecision. What is the right color trend? How do I incorporate these changing trends into my home decor without breaking the bank every year?

That's where an inexpensive consultation with the professionals at Décor x 2 can help. We can help you analyze your color preferences and work with you to get a palette for your home. At Décor x 2, we understand that it is important to start with the items you have and love. These items will provide the key to developing a color scheme that you will enjoy for many years.

Once you have a base, then you can begin incorporating the trends you love the most. At Décor x 2, we will give you strategies to bring in new colors with minimal cost and effort.

Your home will have a cohesive look that is timelessly beautiful.

At Décor x 2, we are ready to help you get your house looking its best for 2020 and years to come.



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