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Downsizing is a stressful time in one's life. Whether it be the first move from the family home to a smaller house or to a condo, downsizing brings with it a host of challenges and emotions. Hiring the experts at Decor X 2 can alleviate the stress and help make the event one that you can anticipate with confidence. After a lifetime of hard work, don't you deserve a pleasant experience?

One aspect that is often overlooked when selecting a new home is the potential to age in place. Will your new home allow you to spend many delightful years in one spot or will you have to move again at the first sign of health issues?

The experts at Decor X 2 can help you assess any space you are considering and make suggestions for improvements that will make it possible to enjoy your home for many years.

Deciding what to keep when downsizing is the most stressful part of the move. We become attached to all those treasures we have collected over the years. What will become of the items we no longer need? It is easier to part with our possessions when we know they will be put to use by someone who will appreciate them. Unfortunately, that is not always a family member. Thinking of willing that dining room set to your grandchild? Studies show that the millennial prefer experiences to items and are not interested in the large dated furniture that we purchased years ago.

As professionals, Decor X 2 will measure and plan for the new space you will be moving to. We ensure that what you take will fit into your new dwelling. We help you identify the items that make your house your home.

A professional will help you sort through your belongings to identify what is most important and what is most valuable to you. You deserve to take only the best when you move.

We also work with many organizations that ensure your beloved mementos will go to people in need who will appreciate and care for every piece they receive.

At Decor X 2, we can arrange for movers to carefully transport your items to your new dwelling. Then we can set up your new dwelling to maximize the given space and to ensure best placement of furniture and art work.

Thank you for visiting our blog. At Decor X 2, we understand the stress associated with downsizing and we are here to help in many ways. You deserve a happy experience. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

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