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Love it or List it?

Some people absolutely love their homes. The design works for them. The house meets all their needs. Some of us are not so lucky. There might be flaws in the design that just don't function for your family. Perhaps the entrance is too small and lacks storage. Shoes, bags and coats end up in an unsightly mess that may drive you crazy. Perhaps the bathroom is in need of repairs and a face lift. Leaky showers and toilets can lead to greater damage.

Maybe you are thinking it is time to list the house and move.

You should first consider the costs of moving: the emotional cost and the financial cost.

There is an emotional cost to moving. Consider the stress of keeping your home in show ready condition. You need to be out of the house for every showing which can present issues if you have small children. Packing and unpacking take an enormous amount of time and energy. Is the housing market strong? Will you get a good price for your current home? Will your house likely sell quickly or will you be months and months trying to keep your house spotless and staged for potential showings?

There is a large financial cost to moving. Realtor fees on a $500 000 home can reach upwards of $16 000. Then there is the actual cost of the move which can include a cleaner, packing boxes, a moving company....A new home that meets all your needs may end up costing you a lot more than your current home. Is your new home bigger? That will mean more furniture.

An easier solution may be to take the money you would lose in the move and use it to renovate your home. At Décor x 2 we can help you find solutions to the problems in your home that will fit into your budget. You could have a home that works for you without having to move.

Call us for a consultation today! 306-370-0468 or 306-716-6081. You can also email us with questions: decorx2@yahoo.

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