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Spring has sprung!

There’s a good chance that with the restrictions that have come with COVID-19, you have been isolating in your home, working or home schooling. Like the rest of us, you’ve been staring at the same walls for days. You’ve noticed that the base boards and door casings need a touch up. How did they get so scuffed? And the walls could sure use a new coat of paint. You hadn’t noticed it before but your furniture may be starting to look distressed. Let's face it, no house is perfect.  You have become overly familiar with all the flaws of your home. And you’ve had plenty of time to dream about a fresh new look for your space.

It's spring and things are starting to open up again. What a better way to celebrate than to start making that dream come true! A new color scheme could be just the trick to break through the negative effects of being stuck at home. At Décor x 2, we specialize in selecting paint color and helping you see your home through a fresh new lens. We also love finding unique ways of grouping your artwork to give it new life. A few different accessories may revive that furniture if the time isn’t right to replace it. Choosing just the right accessories can bring all elements of your home together for a space that provides harmony and joy. If the problems go deeper than the surface, Décor x 2 is here to help with design solutions.

A change...big or small can be the key to help you realize your dreams!

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