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Are you quarantined at home for 2 weeks? Instead of seeing it as a negative, see it as a great opportunity to do some spring cleaning! A few minutes a day can yield great results over a two week period. Are your kids home from school? They are capable of many household tasks. Make it a family time with a reward at the end such as a family game or a movie watched together.

Here are some examples of chores that tend to take the back burner.

1. Clean out your kitchen drawers. You would be surprised at what you will find underneath all those kitchen gadgets and utensils. It only takes a few minutes to empty them all out and give them a scrub. While you are at it, weed out the items you never or seldom use, as well as multiples of gadgets such as zesters!

2. Closets. Spring is a great time to clean out your closets. Weed out all the items that have shrunk in the closet over the winter. Set them aside to donate. Items that have holes or are otherwise damaged should go to the rag pile.

3. Shoes. It is almost time to put away those winter boots. Get your summer shoes ready with a cleaning and protective spray. Do you have shoes you haven't worn in a year? Donate!

4. Baseboards. When is the last time you gave your baseboards and window casings a good cleaning? You would be surprised at what a difference it can make in the smell and feel of your home. Give your doors a going over while you're at it.

5. Pantry. Since you can't go out for groceries, it is a great time to clean out your pantry. Canned goods that are outdated should be discarded. Pull everything out and give those shelves a good cleaning. This might inspire you to try a new recipe!

With a bit of time set aside each day, you will come out of this difficult time with a super clean home, ready for spring! When that day comes, give us a call and we will help you give the rest of your home a new look for spring!

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