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Vintage and Modern

There is no rule that says that all the furniture in your home has to come from the same era. Different styles and vintage pieces can give your home a character that matched furniture can't create. Here are some tips to incorporate that vintage furniture into your space.

Think outside the box. An old dresser can create extra storage space in the living room. Stash games, books, blankets, anything that creates clutter. It can also serve as a console for your tv or a display for some art. Changing the hardware gives the piece a whole new look.

Try mixing vintage chairs with a new table, or vice versa. This adds instant character. You can even mix in a couple of antique chairs with a modern setting.

An old secretary can make a wonderful crafting station. It can also become a unique home bar.

Have the piece assessed. If it is not a valuable antique, consider having it painted to blend with your decor. If the piece is upholstered, you may choose to have it recovered. This may be expensive, but costs less than buying a new piece. It also allows you to keep the sentimental value as well as doing a solid for the environment.

If the item is valuable, you may choose to have it be the center piece and keep the surroundings to a minimum.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to incorporating inherited furniture into your decor. If you are still unsure, we are always here to help.

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