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What no one wants to tell you about your home when it is for sale.

Let's face it - trying to sell your home is stressful. Trying to buy a home is also stressful. Here are some awkward situations for home buyers and what you, as a seller, can do to minimize the awkwardness and bolster that sale.

An awkward situation: Being in someone's personal space is truly awkward for strangers. Your bedrooms and bathrooms are key spaces where potential buyers feel most uncomfortable.

What can you do? Make the space as neutral and calm as can be. All clutter and personal items should be removed from sight. The bed should be well made. The more it can look like a hotel room, the more buyers will feel comfortable to look around. Remember that potential buyers will open closet and cabinet doors and drawers so these spaces must be clean, clean, clean - and well organized. Baskets of all sizes corral small items and wayward items of clothing. Out of season items should be stored away.

An awkward situation: Clutter causes people stress. Buyers want to picture a home they can come to after work to relax. When there is visual clutter in every room,  buyers have a hard time getting to relaxation.

What can you do? Make sure clutter is not only put away (remember, closet doors will be opened) but neatly stored as well. Toys, shoes and laundry should be picked up and stored too. If you won’t be using it again, recycle or consider donating.

An awkward situation: Your pets may break the deal for some buyers. You love your pets; they are part of your family. Unfortunately, not everyone is an animal lover.

What can you do? Make sure there is no evidence of pets in your home. Put away those food and water bowls before showings. Litter boxes should be removed to the garage. You may even want to consider having your pet live with a friend or family member while your home is for sale. Rugs and furniture should be devoid of pet hair.

An awkward situation: Houses have odors. Be it pets, shoes or cooking, our homes each have unique smells. What can you do? Make sure that odor is neutralized. That is not to say that odors should be masked. Strong deodorizers signal that a house may be unclean. "What are they trying to hide?" A good strategy is to clean, clean, clean. When surfaces are clean, they do not give off negative odors.

At Décor x 2, we specialize in helping you prepare your home for sale. We can go through your home with you and identify what needs to be addressed before your home gets listed. We help you get the fastest sale and the best price possible. Give us a call, text or email to find out more.

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